Lower Loudoun Little League (LLLL) provides Sterling, Virginia youth age 5-18 the opportunity to play baseball. We are committed to creating a culture in which coaches, parents, fans, umpires and athletes grow and have fun!

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Reimbursement Form

If you need to file an expense report, please fill out the following form and submit to Pat Ward.


by posted 01/16/2017
LLLL Annual General Membership Meeting and Board of Directors El
What: LLLL Annual General Membership Meeting and Board of Directors Elections
When: Thursday, October 20, 2015 8:00 pm
Where: Jeff Cobb Field
Lower Loudoun Little League will hold our annual meeting for our members on Thursday, October 20, 2015 8:00 pm at Jeff Cobb Field (behind Sterling Middle School, 201 W Holly Ave, Sterling, VA 20164)
  • A report on the condition of the League
  • Summary of funds received and expended by LLLL for the previous year, the amount of funds currently in possession of the League, and the name of the financial institution in which such funds are maintained
  • The whole amount of real and personal property owned by the League, where located, and where and how invested
  • Report on the acquisition of property during the previous year to include what was acquired, with the date of the report and the manner of the acquisition, the amount applied, appropriated or expended, and the purposes, objects or persons to or for which such applications, appropriations or expenditures have been made
  • Determination of the number of Directors to be elected for the ensuing year
  • Board of Directors election
Volunteering for Board of Directors: our league is one of volunteers.  Taking care of the fields, scheduling games, working with our sponsors, planning opening day activities, communication with players/coaches/parents, handling finances, finding coaches, aligning players to correct divisions - all of this requires time from our volunteers. 
If you have a desire to help our league to ensure a positive experience for our players, coaches, and parents, please consider running for our board of directors.
If you are concerned that you do not have enough experience or knowledgable enough with baseball, no worries.  There are many different roles to fill, and these skills can be learned from others in the group.  In fact, parents with players just starting their Little League careers are wonderful volunteers for the board.  T-Ball parents, we need you!
If you would like more information about volunteering for the board of directors, please reach out to Board President, Pat Ward.
Who can vote: Regular Members of LLLL, as defined in our Constitution, are eligible to vote for the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting.  Regular members include all Board Members, Managers, Coaches, Volunteer Umpires and Volunteers who have completed a Little League Volunteer Application and background check, and individuals who have previously paid annual dues to LLLL.
Absentee vote: If you are unable to attend this meeting but wish to vote for next year's Board of Directors, you may obtain an absentee ballot by contacting the Board Secretary, Kristy Simonich.

by posted 10/12/2016
LLLL Juniors in state final four

Congrats to our Lower Loudoun Juniors team.  After winning districts, they are now 4-1 in the state tournament, and are now one of the final 4 teams.  They play this evening at 6:30.  Go Lower Loudoun!

by posted 07/18/2016
safety reminders

Safety Reminders

1. BATS: Kids are getting hit by bats in the dug outs all over the league. Please remind your coaches that only the batter can hold a bat. Not the "on deck" batter or the "in the hole batter." Just the batter. There is no on deck in little league.

2. PITCHERS: Pitchers can only be warmed up both on the field and in the bullpen by another player wearing a catchers helmet. This differs than the travel rule that allows a coach to do so. 

3. LIGHTNING: Any sight of lightning or hearing of thunder by a player, manager, or spectator must be brought to the attention of the Umpire. Play must be suspended. All players must leave the field and dugouts. They must go to a car or a building. Play will not resume until 30 minutes has elapsed from the last sight of lightning. Remember that the 30 minute "timer" clock starts over if we see lighting or hear thunder during the waiting period.

For more information, see the LLLL Safety Briefing and Safety Plan

by posted 05/04/2016
Thanks for coordinating Opening Day

Thanks to Mary and the Opening Day committee for all their hard work - opening day was a blast!

by posted 04/19/2016
Sign up for field status alerts

Managers/Coaches/Families -

If your ballplayer will be playing on Cobb, Pioneer, Jennings or Foltz this season, we highly encourage you to sign up for RAINED OUT Alerts via text or email at your earliest convenience here:


This is a completely private service and you will not be spammed, nor will your information be sent to or used by any third-party.

RAINED OUT will be used by Lower Loudoun Little League to alert everyone about Cobb/Pioneer/Jennings/Foltz field closures.

Note that for games/practices at schools, the county maintains those fields, and you can call the rainout line at 703.777.0456.

by posted 03/15/2016
Opening Day First Pitch

Congrats to our Field Day raffle winners! Ben McCormick will be throwing to KJ Weltens for our Spring 2016 Opening Day first pitch

by posted 03/12/2016
Field Day was a success!

We had a wonderful turnout for Field Day! Because of the great effort by our Little League community of parents, coaches, and players, we got so much done in preparation for the season. Thanks to all.  (more pics available on our Facebook page.  If you have pics, )

by posted 03/12/2016
Rained Out Alerts