Lower Loudoun Little League (LLLL) provides Sterling, Virginia youth age 5-18 the opportunity to play baseball. We are committed to creating a culture in which coaches, parents, fans, umpires and athletes grow and have fun!

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Player Assessments for Spring 2016
Player Assessments are scheduled for February 16-18 and 20th at Diamond Sports Training (DST) in Sterling
We need several volunteers, each night, to help sign players in and herd players from station to station. We also need Fielding Coaches, Pitching Coaches, and to volunteers to quiz Baseball IQ. 

Please use this link to sign up as a volunteer!  
Player Assessments are scheduled using the players League Age which is not necessarily the same as his/her real age. Please follow this link and use the Little League Age Determination Chart to ensure your player attends the correct assessment. 

Please contact our Player Agent, Hillary McGrath, with any questions. 

-Player Assessment Schedule-
Please note: Tuesday and Wednesday assessments are for players registered for Majors, AAA & AA ONLY. If your player is registered for Rookie or Developmental Machine Pitch, his/her assessment is Thursday.
Tuesday 2/16
Assessments for Majors, AAA & AA players ONLY
League Age 8
5:15 check in: Bell - Wiles

League Age 9
5:15 check in: Andrade - James
6:30 check in: Kruse - Wilson
League Age 12
5:15 check in: Barenz - Lyon
6:30 check in: Manzagol - Wood

Wednesday 2/17
Assessments for Majors, AAA & AA players ONLY
League Age 10
5:15 check in: Alcala - Margenau
6:30 check in: McKinley - Woodall

League Age 11
5:15 check in: Benton - Levine
6:30 check in: Martin - Wulff
Thursday 2/18
Assessments for Rookie and Developmental Machine Pitch players ONLY

League Age 7
5:15 check in: Advincula - Kruse
6:30 check in: Lacar - Yoon

League Age 8
5:15 check in: Abshire - Rodriguez
6:30 check in: Rose - Woodson

League Age 9
6:30 check in Bowman - Ortiz
Saturday 2/20:

Please make every effort to attend your weekday assessment. If you're unable to attend during the week, please use Saturday 2/20 as a make-up. Thank you!

League Age 8, 9, & 12
Assessments for Majors, AAA, & AA players ONLY
8:45am check-in

League Age 10 & 11
Assessments for Majors, AAA & AA players ONLY
10:45am check-in

League Age 7, 8, 9
Assessments for Rookie and Developmental Machine Pitch players ONLY
12:45pm check-in

**Please be sure your player is wearing sneakers! Cleats are not allowed inside DST. 
***It is recommended, but not required, that players bring a glove, bat & helmet.

by posted 02/02/2016
Middle School Baseball
Lower Loudoun Little League is working on an exciting new project  - a new middle school baseball league!  Wear your school colors and logo, show some school and community spirit, and represent your middle school in games against the other middle schools in Loudoun County! Our teams will represent Sterling Middle School, River Bend Middle School and Seneca Ridge Middle School.  
Players in grades 7 and 8 will be eligible to try out for the teams.  We currently anticipate try outs to take place in late January or early February.  The middle school league will be considered a Little League Juniors level program and will play on a regulation 90 foot field.  Players not making a middle school team will still be eligible to play Little League baseball at our non-middle school team Juniors level.
Check out our frequently asked questions for more information.
Lower Loudoun Little League, in conjunction with the other Little Leagues in Loudoun County, is in the process of organizing the league and more details are to come as they are finalized.  Right now, we looking to gauge interest in the new program.  Please email LLLL Vice President Mark Wood at   to express interest in trying out for a team.  Please include which Middle School your player currently attends.

by posted 12/20/2015
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